Organization in "Special Consultative Status" with the Economic and Social Council UN &
Participant of United Nations Global Compact
 for QUEST Development & Social Progress




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3G- GAURI stands for:
    Green   : A Universal Resource Integration  
    Global   : Awareness and Understanding of Rights of Individual (Human Rights)  
    Growth : Advancement Under Righteous Initiatives  
A Regd Non Governmental Organization Conscious of Green Global- Growth, into Mass Awareness & Public Services Programs- taking business to people

Missions3G- Gauri, is trying to reach the economically deprived and neglected segments of society that remain geographically isolated and scattered, to create a Green Growth Environment for peace and tranquillity in the World , set up Developing projects and create a self-reliant society for a dignified survival.
  • Education, Awareness & Life Skills Training for Capacity Building for Development Paradigm YOUTH for a Self Reliant Society.

  • Integrating Rights & Businesses.

  • Resource Integration Initiatives for Self sustainable & Inclusive Socio- economic Development- Meeting the UNs MDG Goals : Education, Health, Poverty Reduction & Community Development

Our organization is working for Awareness Programmes for adoption, sustainable practices, guiding principles of United Nations for Responsible business/ Corporate Social Responsibility i. e  
  • Respecting Human Rights

  • Labour Standards/ Rights

  • Environmental Protection

  • Transparency—Anti Corruption


Missions3G– Gauri is the Strategic Partner of RLSS India Chapter (2011- Commonwealth Lifesaving Championship)

A Regd Non Government Organization for Green-Global-Growth, into Mass Awareness & Public Service Programs for Ecology, Clean Climate, Social Responsibility & Human Rights...

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